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An open letter to all employees (July)

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Topic: Brief summary of the first half of 2014

Hello everyone! Half a year has passed, and it is necessary to make a brief summary of the company's work in the first half of the year. Only by constantly summarizing can we continue to make progress.

Facing the difficult situation of world economic recovery and increasing domestic economic pressure, the lighting industry LED as an emerging industry has a huge impact on traditional industries, and the severe situation is forcing enterprises to transform and upgrade. In 2013, the tax revenue per mu of step electric light source ranked 47th in the economic development zone, with an average income of 92,600 yuan. It was commended by the development zone and published in the Lanjiang Guide. Now the company pays most of the employees' hardware, and the employees who have not paid the hardware pay commercial insurance and accident insurance. The pressure on the company is indeed not small. There is pressure and motivation. In the spirit of being "China's most competitive and value-oriented lighting enterprise", we are willing to assume certain social responsibilities. To be a responsible enterprise, we must strengthen corporate management and realize product transformation and upgrading, otherwise it will be empty talk. In the first half of 2014, the company focused on the following aspects.

(1) Management ability improvement:

In 2014, the company customized many systems to improve employee manuals, door guards, cleaners, and employee job responsibilities. Every Monday after April, the general manager will hold a regular meeting of management personnel to summarize the work of the previous week and arrange the work of the next week. The quality of the management personnel has improved significantly. In the middle of the year, the democratic eva1uation of managers, offices, and logistics personnel will include: attitude, obedience and image; management ability; execution ability; work effect; innovation and learning ability; love, unity, cooperation, etc. Among the management personnel who have been comprehensively assessed are: Lu Yingchun, Mo Yadao, Xu Shuyi, Jiang Huixin, and Li Guangyong. Li Yan, Xu Xiao, and Chen Xiaoyan among the office and logistics staff have been well received and are now commended. Make an in-depth analysis of the second-to-last personnel in each item and propose improvement measures. Through the development of criticism and self-criticism, the assessed personnel can clearly understand their own strengths and weaknesses, so that they can carry out their work better.

(2) Transformation and upgrading:

In terms of transformation and upgrading, the company increased its R&D and production of LEDs at the beginning of 2014, and the sales of LED products achieved expected results. At present, the main export products are bulbs. In addition, LED fluorescent lamps, LED patented energy-saving lamps (a 3U model can be ordered by customers at a time of 30,000), candle bulbs, floodlights and LED reflector bulbs are all exported and gradually increased. More than 3,000 square meters on the third and fourth floors of the LED energy-saving lamp building are used as LED production sites. When the newly ordered production line arrives, the company will have three LED production lines, and the monthly LED production capacity will reach about 1 million pieces (pieces). At present, a candle bulb LED light bar production line has been ordered and merged with the existing A60 LED filament light production line. The company will have two LED light bar production lines. The monthly production capacity of strip lights will reach more than 400,000. Although sales in the first half of 2014 were slightly higher than the same period last year, it was a relatively low period for the company's development. In the second half of the year, it will gradually get out of the low and enter the development period next year.

(3) Technological innovation:

In terms of technological innovation, Moyadao, as the manager of the technical department, has developed many new LED products. LED panel lights have applied for 6 patents (three appearances and three utility models). In order to more strictly control the quality of LEDs, the company purchased a batch of LED inspection equipment, such as a set of experimental-level Hangzhou Yuanfang LED special photoelectric testers. One set of driving tester, high and low temperature humidity tester, and three sets of LED aging table, etc., make the company a higher level of LED product testing.

(4) Environmental sanitation:

In terms of environmental sanitation and cleanliness, the company adheres to the irregular inspection system twice a week and announces the results. There are rewards and penalties, and the basic quality of employees has been improved.

In the second half of the year, a training center will be built to train managers, office personnel, and employees. Improve the quality of employees in an all-round way, so that employees can make progress in one step. I apologize for the lack of monthly production tasks in the first half of the year. As the output of LED strip lights in the special lamp workshop rises, and the output of LED light bars in the energy-saving lamp workshop rises, it is believed that such a situation will not occur in the second half of the year. I firmly believe that through our continuous consideration, continuous improvement and continuous improvement in our work, tomorrow will be better in one step!

General Manager: He Wenping


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address : No. 9 Sanziqiao Road, Economic Development Zone, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province

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