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The 105th Canton Fair

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The first phase of the 105th Canton Fair was held from April 15 to 19, 2009. Under the severe economic situation, the number of visitors and merchants at the exhibition was reduced. The company’s foreign trade department responded by making corresponding preparations in terms of quotations and new product recommendations. Lamps, sodium lamps, and cost-effective advantages have won orders from new and old customers on the spot. Energy-saving lamps, aquarium metal halide lamps, etc. are known for their product quality. Metal halide lamps are well-received by customers with a wide variety of varieties and a wide range of options for high, middle and low grades.

By constantly summing up the experience and lessons of previous Canton Fairs, this Canton Fair has achieved gratifying results.

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address : No. 9 Sanziqiao Road, Economic Development Zone, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province

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