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An open letter to all employees (June)

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An open letter to all employees (June)

Topic: Creative Work-Results Oriented

Dear employees:

Hello everyone! The corporate vision of Yibu Electric Light Source Co., Ltd. is "the most competitive and value-oriented lighting enterprise". The most competitive companies must have employees' awareness of creating value for the company instead of simply completing basic tasks.

What is "result"? To accomplish tasks creatively is to create value. Why doesn't completing the task mean giving the result? I tell a story about "the monk hits the bell". There was a little sweeping monk who took the role of bell ringing, and "being a monk for a day to hit the bell for a day" in half a year. One day the abbot announced that he would be transferred to the backyard to do chores, on the grounds that he was not qualified for the bell-ringing post. The little monk asked unconvincedly: "I hit the clock on time every day. I never hit one less time. I did my task brilliantly. Why do you say I am incompetent?" The old abbot told him patiently, "The clock you hit was on time. Loud, but the bell is empty, weak, and has no charisma. The bell is to awaken the addicted beings. Therefore, the bell must not only be loud, but also round, thick, deep, and distant." The little monk completed the task of striking the bell. , But did not complete the result of the bell ringing required by the temple-to awaken the addicted sentient beings, the temple needs an inspiring bell to attract sentient beings.

How can "results" be made?

1. Serve attentively. Let's go on to tell the story of the little monk hitting the bell. The abbot tuned another young monk to strike the clock. This young monk insisted on “taking one step forward every day” through “continuous thinking, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement”. Voice. The nearby people heard the inspiring voices of these transcendent sentient beings and came to the monastery for incense. Since then, the monastery continued to burn incense, and eventually the little monk became abbot. Why do the same clock strikes have different results? It lies in the "heart". Only by serving with the "heart" can an inspiring bell be struck, and the result of the bell can be achieved.

2. Results-oriented.

After the task is issued, the assignee of the task must understand the value created by the task, that is, what the result is, and move toward this goal. The abbot tells you to strike the bell, and striking the bell is just a task given to you by your superiors. Your goal is how to accomplish the task creatively. Each position simply completes the task, and it is difficult for the company to survive the competition and develop rapidly. The personal value of employees is also difficult to reflect.

3. Action determines the result.

Action does not necessarily have results, but no action will definitely not have results. No matter how you think and how high the level of thinking is, it is impossible to get results through thinking. If you want results, you must first act. In the action, "continuously ponder, continuously improve, and constantly improve", and insist on moving in the direction of the result, the result will definitely beckon to you.

The opposite of action is an excuse. Even if there are a thousand reasons, 10,000 reasons are not important. What is important is the result of this matter? Remember the "result principle"-we live by results, and we cannot survive without results.

Fourth, keep learning.

Continuous learning (theoretical learning, practical exploration, face-to-face consultation, etc.) is the guarantee of creating value for work. Times are changing, knowledge is being updated, and management is facing many new problems. If you don't study hard, you can't find the truth. Once I asked two managers, do they spend an average of 15 minutes for study after work? How can the managers of a growing company like ours not even have this time to do the current job? I once gave a manager a book by Kazuo Inamori, the “sage of management” in Japan. I haven’t read it for two months. I haven’t heard anything about it for a year. Disrespect for the book is disrespect for the book giver. Respect, who would recommend the book again? There is a saying among the Chinese that "no learning has no skill", why does "no skill" have "results"?

The most basic vocation of being an employee is to create value and provide results, please give me results! Thanks! Sincerely,

salute !

General Manager: He Wenping

June 2014

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address : No. 9 Sanziqiao Road, Economic Development Zone, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province

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