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An open letter to all employees (May)

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An open letter to all employees (May)

Dear employees:

Hello everyone! This letter talks about "details determine success or failure."

What is "details", details are "systematic minute things and plots that reflect the inner connection and essence of things". From the perspective of the enterprise, the details are the small elements in the management system, which play a role in guaranteeing the operation of the entire management system of the enterprise.

The strategy of an enterprise is important, but the implementation of the strategy is a process, and specific regulations and provisions need to be formulated and implemented. So the strategy comes from the details and goes to the details. The strategy can only be implemented when the specific things and plots of the implementation strategy, that is, the "details", can be implemented, so "the details determine success or failure."

In the Chinese Confucian literature "Shang Shu. Lu Mastiff", it says: "If you don't pay attention to the details, you will end up with great virtue. It is a mountain of nine ren, and you will fall short." Lao Tzu's "Tao De Jing" said: "The difficult things in the world must be made easy; the big things in the world , Must be done in detail". Haier President Zhang Ruimin said: "Small differences in craftsmanship can often reflect large differences in the quality of private capital." Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign celebrities have emphasized the importance of details. For a company, the appearance of the bulb is a detail, but whether the printing is clear, whether the appearance is clean, whether the lamp cap is installed correctly, and whether the phosphor is scratched determines whether the customer is qualified for inspection, whether it will claim for compensation, and whether it will continue to cooperate. If the customer is gone, the enterprise will inevitably fail. The appearance of the light bulb is a detail, but this detail will also determine the success or failure of a company.

The details of the elements must be closely related to the entire system and guarantee the operation. It reflects the inner connection and essence of things. Because of this, a savvy customer can take a look at the workshop and go to the bathroom to know the management of the enterprise, because the essence and inner connection of things can be glimpsed through the details. "When a leaf falls, you know the autumn of the world." Details are essentially different from "sections". Sections are things that are not closely related to the system and cannot reflect the inner connection and essential existence of things. They refer to the minutiae or trivialities. Therefore, the words "successful people do not stick to the trivial" and "big men do not stick to the trivial" can be understood.

How can we do the "details"? The first is to be serious. Where are you serious? It is a sense of responsibility. "The core of the job responsibility system is job responsibility." People who lack responsibility don't pay attention to details. The second is to operate according to the process. Last month’s open letter addressed this issue. The process here includes procedures, systems, and execution. To do a good job in the "details", it is necessary to give the upper hand and the lower hand to the upper hand. The fourth is the training of detailed habits. It is difficult to change or reform a person's ideology, way of thinking, etc., but a person's behavior can be reversed by force, and we can achieve the purpose of reforming thinking by reforming behavior. The habit of training includes the habit of listing lists (the things of the day list the completion of the inspection on the day), the habit of setting the habit (the setting of the space is for all items, materials, tools, etc. fixed placement; the setting of the time is regular and periodic things to be carried out at regular intervals ), contact habit (upstream and downstream connections, such as oral retelling, construction schedule, commitment letter, etc.), transposition habit (stand at the next step of the process and link, think about the problem, and think about the problem from the perspective of the service object and the customer ).

"Details determine success or failure", I hope everyone will pay attention to "details" and do a good job of "details". When the details are in place, the company's management efficiency will rise. Sincerely,


General Manager: He Wenping

May 2014

This letter refers to Wang Zhongqiu's book "Details Determine Success or Failure II".

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