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Open letter to all employees (February)

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Open letter to all employees (February)

Dear employees:

Happy New Year! Every month throughout 2014, I will write an open letter as the general manager. For one thing, as the company grows and the number of people increases, it is necessary to unify thinking, unify understanding and unify pace. Secondly, timely feedback on existing problems in the company. The purpose is to make the company better.

The company's philosophy is "one step forward every day". Here, "one step" is both a company name and a verb, with a dual identity. I put forward the core idea of this concept: tomorrow is better than today, and the day after tomorrow is better than tomorrow, constantly pondering, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement. As early as 2010, Kazuo Inamori proposed the "Twelve Management Regulations", in which the tenth article "continuously engage in innovative work" is the core idea of "going forward every day". It's a pity that I have only seen this book in the past two days, and I will benefit early if I read it early.

As LED lights have a great impact on traditional light sources, this year will be a relatively difficult year for our company. The development of LED lights is a major trend in the lighting industry. Only by taking advantage of the trend can the company have vitality. The LED lamp assembly line will be in place next month. Strive for a breakthrough in the sales of LED lights in 2014.

In 2013, through the efforts of all employees, the company's sales ranked second among the 50 lighting companies in Lanxi, second only to Lanxi Electric Light Source Co., Ltd. which was restructured from the original Lanxi Light Bulb Factory. However, as the general manager, I am unhappy, and the ranking has risen by one. This is false. Profits have fallen, management expenses have increased, and sales are the same as the previous year.

There are not many orders for the lighting industry starting this year. It is expected that there will be a bright spot in April. The company will ensure stable development this year by increasing sales, strengthening internal management, and adjusting product structure. We carry the expectations of society and shoulder great responsibilities. As long as we work hard, sincerely, and do our best, the company will definitely be able to do well. Let's do our best together! Sincerely


General Manager: He Wenping

February 2014

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address : No. 9 Sanziqiao Road, Economic Development Zone, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province

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