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Open letter to all employees (March)

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Open letter to all employees (March)

Dear employees:

Hello everyone! The company's business philosophy is "one step forward every day". Its core idea is "continuous thinking, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement". As an ordinary employee, how to embody this concept? In this letter, I want to elaborate on this issue.

"Continuously pondering, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement" is a philosophical process of understanding, practicing, re-understanding, and re-practicing. The philosophy is too profound, so I will take an ordinary job cleaner as an example. The cleaner seems to be a simple mess, not creatively speaking. However, it is not simple mechanical repetition of work, understanding the scope of work, try this way today, try it tomorrow, what kind of ground to use which tool works best, keep listening to other people’s suggestions, keep thinking about cleaning methods and work efficiency, 365 days a day A little bit of improvement, even the simplest work, is also a valuable innovation. In short, one day's hard work has only small results, but perseverance, continuous improvement and improvement, and accumulation of one year can bring considerable changes. In fact, this is the case for cleaners. Drivers, finance, operators, testing, administrators, marketing, etc. are all the same. If you can do process management, then you are not an ordinary employee. I think you can do job management. Such employees create value for the company while also creating value for the individual.

As an employee, it is the same as an enterprise. As long as the company runs through the concept of "one step forward every day", constantly pondering, improving, perfecting, and working hard step by step, the electric light source will eventually grow and grow step by step. Sincerely


General Manager: He Wenping

March 2014

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address : No. 9 Sanziqiao Road, Economic Development Zone, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province

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