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Open letter to all employees (April)

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Open letter to all employees (April)

Dear employees:

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays to everyone on the occasion of May Day! In this month’s open letter, I would like to elaborate on the issue of “according to the process”.

Let me start with a "Nine Duan Secretary's Story". The secretary is divided into nine paragraphs. The higher the level, the higher the level of work. Similarly, the general manager notified the safety production meeting at 9 o'clock tomorrow. In the first paragraph, the secretary called in advance to make records during the meeting and put the microphone on the table. In the second paragraph, check the microphone and chair once; in the third paragraph, add materials to organize and report; The fourth paragraph also added the meeting record ordering requirements for the implementation of the department..... By the eight paragraph secretary, all the work before, during and after the meeting was done seamlessly. But Jiudan Secretary can not only do a good job, but can also write the meeting workflow based on experience. Preparations before the meeting, affairs during the meeting, implementation of the reporting and meeting objective, discipline, summary and other work standards after the meeting, and process management. Finally, Secretary Jiuduan became the chief of the secretary section.

Because of the use of process management, all secretaries can complete their tasks independently and orderly as long as they are simply trained.

So what is "process"? Process is a series of activities designed to provide specific products or specific services for specific customers or specific markets. The "operating procedures" of our company employees are also processes. When companies face the three major challenges of customers, competition, and change, process management emerges at the historic moment.

The purpose of process management is to improve operational efficiency and economic efficiency. A complete process management can greatly improve the productivity of employees. The significance of process management to the company is not only to reengineer the management and process of the company, but to transform the traditional company with functions as the core into a new type with process as the core. enterprise. With process management, the core idea of "going forward every day" can be "continuously pondering, improving, and perfecting" with a code of conduct.

Standardized enterprises must have unconventional management principles, and everyone must implement the principles. The most important management principle is its process, which represents the working procedures of an enterprise or position. After the process is standardized, it is fixed for a period of time, and an improved version can be optimized after a period of time.

The idiom "orderly", "order" is the ancient term for process. The excellent performance of an enterprise comes from a consistent work process. The standard implementation plan and the benefits of collaboration among various departments and positions, "proceduralization" and "standardization" urge every employee of the company to transform from knowing "how to do it" to "how to do it efficiently". Thereby improving the operating efficiency of the enterprise as a whole. Sincerely,


General Manager: He Wenping

April 2014

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address : No. 9 Sanziqiao Road, Economic Development Zone, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province

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